The ukulele's future is now with 'Futulele' iPhone, iPad app (video)

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The ukulele's future is now with 'Futulele' iPhone, iPad app (video)
Nothing quite says "check me out" to the ladies like riffing on a frickin' pink ukulele -- until now. For folks rocking both an iPhone and an iPad, Touch DJ app maker Amidio Inc., is releasing its latest magnum opus, the "Futulele." Ah, be still, your beating heart. This dual-device ukulele synthesizer connects the aforementioned iOS devices via Bluetooth, creating a virtual four-string strummer on which to throw down a soulful rendition of "Tiny Bubbles." Users get their groove on by touching the iPhone to select up to 12 chords per song and using the iPad to strum; chord sets also can be changed on the fly. Amidio says the app should drop sometime in April, and will be optimized for the iPad 3, to boot. Sure, a regular ukulele might be cheaper, but who are you to argue with the future? Speaking of the future, check it out in all its cheerful glory with the Futulele video posted after the break, as well as some not-so-futuristic PR.

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NY, 03/05/2012

Amidio Inc ( have announced FUTULELE, an Ukulele synthesizer for iOS. One of the most remarkable features of Futulele is that it can be operated with the iPhone (iPod Touch) and the iPad simultaneously, in a way that has never been introduced before.

It is not a secret that many iPad owners also have an iPhone, so Futulele is an excellent and innovative reason to get the best musical juices flowing out of both. A special guitar-shaped case holds the two devices, making it possible to select the chord on the iPhone and strum along the iPad screen, just as on a regular instrument. Changing a chord requires only one tap, and the strumming technique is easy and convenient. No external wires or hardware accessories are needed, since the devices use Bluetooth for communicating.

The chord switch lag is kept at a minimum level, and as for the sound, Futulele successively captures every little nuance of a high-grade professional Ukulele instrument. Up to 12 chords can be used per song, and changing chord sets on the fly is a blast. Full recording and sharing possibilities come straight from Amidio's top-ranked guitar app OMGuitar (, as well as the onboard FX section.

Futulele (universal iOS app) is expected in early April, 2012 and will be one of the first music apps optimized for the iPad 3. It will be also possible to play using a single iPad. Website:
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