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Guilds recruiting this week

Adam Holisky, @adamholisky
March 9, 2012

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Looking to find those special someones to shack up with each night and go kill a giant internet dragon? Can't find enough warlocks to DI every shadow priest you have? Then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the return of our weekly guild recruitment post. Every Friday, we'll bring you listings we've been sent, even featuring a couple guild's websites right here on our front page. Hopefully this will turn into a great resource to help guilds and guildies connect to go kill some dragons and elemental lords.

Knights of Tranquility
Recruiting Mage, shadow priest, warlock, arms warrior, death knight tank
More information Our guild, Knights of Tranquility, is a tight knit group of laid back, fun, sociable older people (30+ years old) who like to progress and see new content, but we strongly believe in the social aspects of raiding, and WoW-life balance. We have a good sense of humor and are respectful of other people's values and beliefs. We place a high value on the individual worth and contributions of our guild members, and pride ourselves on putting enjoyment of each others company over loot/achievements. We have some sort of guild activity going on every day, and each night guild members will be sitting on Vent chatting with each other and having a good time. We have a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday raid schedule, between 7:30-10:30 p.m. PST. We are a level 25 guild who has currently gotten down 1/8 Heroic Dragon Soul. Our guild has been around for six years, so we have a long history of mature raiding.

Recruiting: Resto and Balance Druids, Holy Paladin, Hunter, All Priests, Mage, Warlock
More Information: Conquest is a 25 man Alliance World of Warcraft raiding guild on US-Ner'zhul. We're currently at 3/8 hard mode and are close to pushing heroic modes. We formed at the end of Burning Crusade and are one of the oldest and most stable guilds on the server.

If you'd like to see your guild in here next week, just copy and paste the following info (along with your specifics, of course) to or leave it in the comments:

Guild Name: The name of your guilds, we won't publish racist or R rated names, so don't be that guy.
Guild Website: Give everyone a link! If you've got no website, just leave it blank.
Recruiting: Tell us what classes and specs you're looking for.
About: Give everyone a short (250 character or less) blurb about your guild. Again, no racist or R rated material will be published.

Onward for this week's list of guilds, collected from Twitter and Facebook.

Recruiting Tanks, healers, ranged DPS
More information Is a 25 man progression casual raiding guild on Sisters of Elune (Horde). We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, from 8:00 PM EST until 11:00 PM EST (We begin at 7:00 PM on Sundays for special progression). We're currently recruiting Tanks, Healers and Ranged DPS (although we are always recruiting fun, talented players of any class). Our guild website is, come and join our family!

Asgarths Vanguard
More information Asgarths Vanguard (H) of Mannoroth is a social raiding guild with roots that stretch back to Dark Age of Camelot! We have two active ten man teams, Team Aesir (8/8 Normal) and Vanir (6/8 Normal), and are looking for casual raiders of all roles to shore up our rosters. Raid times are 8:30 to midnight, no more than 2 days a week, but which days depend on which team. We're active with social events, as well, and super friendly!

Recruiting Elemental shaman, warlock, mage, balance druid
More information Bacon of Alliance Icecrown-US is always looking for players to round off our 10M roster (lost some veterans after hitting 1/8H). We are a group of real-life friends and WoW socialites who have good team synergy and progress through new content at a casual yet consistent pace. Come enjoy the final boss fights of this expansion and get your shinies!

More information Coalition Level 25 Guild on Shadowsong ranked 3rd currently ( Heroic Progress) - Alliance - Looking to put together a 3rd regular DS raiding team days and times still open for negotiation. If your interest yourself or have regular players/friends that would like to raid and haven't yet we can help get you started :-D. Please either complete an application on our website or whisper Taenia/Kissofdeath/Uiliu in game. Look forward to raid leading for you ^^

Recruiting Mage, enhancement shaman, balance druid
More information Crimson is an 8/8H 25-man Oceanic progression guild. Raid 10 hours a week with some of the sexiest-accented Aussies and Kiwis ever. We're recruiting all classes for Mists of Pandaria progression raiding- particularly Mages, Enhancement Shamans, and Balance Druids. Interested? Don't just read this ad. Get involved and watch our raids and rated battlegrounds live on our homepage!

More information Single, loveable guild looking for mature, fun-loving bodies for her social- and raid-based groups. Enjoys afternoon sunsets followed by moonlit walks on the beach. PST or mail Hist ingame to submit your eHarmony video bio.

Game Theory
Recruiting Mage, elemental or resto shaman, paladin tank, death knight tank
More information Game Theory is a small guild fielding a 10-man raid team on Proudmoore, Alliance side. We are a friendly group of adults who lead busy lives, but love to have a good time in WoW together. We've had a great time raiding in Cataclysm and are seeking a couple raiders to join us for Heroic Dragon Soul. The guild is currently 3/8 Heroic in Dragon Soul. To fill out the raid team, a resto shaman would be excellent. There are also openings for a mage, elemental shaman or a tank (paladin or death knight). We raid just two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Raid times are 8:30pm to 12:00 Pacific.

Guardians of Asgaard
More information Newly transferred to US-Darkspear(H) is recruiting for all levels and classes for our core RBG team as well as pre-made BGs, Arenas, and Wargames! No PvP experience? No Resilience? No problem, we're more than happy to help level, gear, and educate our members. With 6 bank tabs full of mats, as well as skilled PvP veterans, we provide daily guild repairs, enchants, and above all - companionship!

House of Solduron
More information House of Solduron from the Server Moon Guard is always recruiting. We offer people a social guild with some light raiding and also some dungeon runs. We do not ask a lot from our members, but always try to make their experience enjoyable! Our only rule is to be kind and respectful.

Recruiting: Druid, paladin, or warrior tank; druid, paladin, or shaman healer; warlock
More information After taking a brief hiatus due to RL issues we are returning to full recruitment to fill several core spots to complete heroic DS progression and prepare fpr MoP. We need one tank (Druid, Paladin, Warrior), one healer (Druid, Paladin, Shaman), and one ranged dps (Warlock).

More information Nebula is a hardcore casual guild on us stormreaver pvp. We are I. The cst time zone and raid monday Tuesday and Thursday 8 to 12 server. We remain pretty strict to our time schedule and make efficient use of the time that we raid. We are 8/8 heroic dragon Soul and now focusing on boosting out roster for mop. We are looking for like minded members drama free and all older but still enjoy to play the game. Average age is 23-30 families, careers and still manage to achieve high us ten man rank.

Recruiting Healers, balance druid, warlock, shadow priest
More information One is a fun & focused PvE Progression Raid Group for adults who enjoy Raiding without the 4-6 day raiding schedule (we do it in 2 days). is filled with exceptional active players and a fair performance driven approach to leadership. has been a top guild on Firetree for a while and we plan on staying there. We are also currently the only heroic 25 man Horde guild progressing on the server!

Recruiting Ranged DPS, healers
More information Parasomnia - Crazy late-night raiders. We at Parasomnia are a dedicated late-night raiding guild that goes from Midnight to 4 am PST. We have 2 teams, one 25 man that raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and a 10 man team that goes on Friday and Saturday nights. We have a core team that has 5/8 heroics down on 10 man, but we would much rather solidify our 25 roster and take that to 5/8 and beyond. We are currently recruiting dedicated players to round out our teams. We are in need of ranged dps and healers in particular but will give serious consideration to any serious applications. We provide repairs as well as giving a 50% discount off server standard prices on any mats in our guild bank. We look forward to meeting more crazy night owls who want to rock some heroic boss face!

Release and Run
Recruiting Tank, DPS
More information Release and Run from Aerie Peak EU is a 10 man raiding guild. We raid wed-thu-sun 20-23, and our progress is 2/8 hc. We're looking for raid experienced tank and DPS. We're (mostly) nice and friendly people from all across Europe. Age range is big, but most of us are 20-40. We fill our raids with bad jokes (see guild name), some banter and a dash awsomeness. Come join us.

More information Our horde guild 'Shocker', has been around for almost two years on the Vashj server. It is a pretty low-pop server, so getting out name out there more would be fantastic. We are one of the rare guilds that is an all-around fun place to hang, yet still be somewhat successful. PvP, end-game raiding, low-level help, "Drunk Raid Nights" (where we pick an old school raids for achieves and transmog stuff or gank some alliance), as well as free daily generous daily repairs and eight full bank tabs. Everyone is welcome from all walks of life. We have over 700 toons with from England, Canada, U.S, Mexico, Australia...; very diverse and helpful people! My husband Vatharra and I help run it with some very dedicated and understanding officers. We have an open door policy if anything is wrong so we can help out the best we can.

More information Sojourner is a level 25 semi-casual Alliance Guild on Kargath-US made up of seasoned Wow players. We are an established guild and have been active since 2010. Many of our guild members have been active since Classic WoW. We welcome mature, like-minded individuals to join our raid team and community

Spectacular Death
More information Spectacular Death is always recruiting AND we love warlocks. You gotta be a casual player, not hard core. You have to want to have fun by doing insane things like jumping off Dalaran to see if you can hit the lake or running Molten Core in tabard only or having a parade through Stormwind because it's there. We do everything the game will allow us to do. We'll never be first into content, but we don't care. When we finally get there, we're having way to much fun dying creatively.

Stay Sassy
Recruiting Ranged DPS (with healer off-spec)
More information A 10m progression guild from Laughing Skull Alliance in need of ranged DPS, particularly hybrids with a healing offspec. We're 6/8H, and our core members have completed Heroic Firelands, and all T11 Heroic content except Sinestra while it was current. Our guild is working hard to finish Dragon Soul, and build a solid platform heading in to Mists of Pandaria. As a small guild, we're looking for dedicated and motivated raiders, and all recruits WILL raid. Raid days are Tuesday through Thursday, from 7pm to 10pm CST. For more information visit our website:, or contact Roark via Twitter:@roark_AR, or in-game.

Team Handsome
More information Team Handsome (Level 25 US Draka Horde Guild since 2009) is looking for friendly, patient and considerate players both new and experienced. The guild has many aspects to it, with rank system focused on those who want to do everything from just logging in occasionally and saying hi, to those who want to commit themselves to a couple of times a week raiding. We rotate GM-s to maintain a fresh approach, consult regularly with members through Guild Meetings and the forums, and are keen to provide opportunities which meet our members' needs.

The Dai Li
More information The Dai Li is a horde guild on blackwater raiders and we're looking or members to add to our slowly growing family. We're a level 4, about to be level 5 guild with aspirations of becoming known to be the place to go for a good atmosphere, elitism not being part of that.

The Eleventh Hour
Recruiting Mage, hunter, DPS warrior, ranged DPS
More information The Eleventh Hour is a 25 man progression raiding guild on the Alliance side of Earthen Ring-US. We strike a balance between serious raid progression and a sociable, "family" atmosphere. We have a reputation on the server as a guild that progresses steadily and efficiently through PvE content. As a guild, The Eleventh Hour dates from the first week of the game's release. We are currently looking for: Mages, Hunters, DPS Warriors and Ranged DPS with Heroic experience.

The Haunted
More information The Haunted is an all levels, all ages, casual, fun spirited guild made of both singles and couples. We provide a supportive and fun environment, so not only do we look for a positive attitude, but our members have a sense of humor and enjoy fun! Our members include pet collectors, mount collectors, wow skillers, pvp addicts and achievers, achievement hounds and those striving to become hardcore raiders one day. We are a guild that believes that all players should experience not only fun and making new friendships, but they should be given the opportunity to experience all aspects of the game, no matter the level of experience. Our primary goals are mutual support and enjoyment of the game to its fullest. Through the friendships made within the guild, we will accomplish all our goals for the guild and the game.

The Wolfpack
Recruiting Resto Druid, Resto Shaman
More information A large level 25 guild with active players that PvE, PvP and Raid together. We are friendly, chatty and helpful looking for "a good fit" versus "elite players", it's about having FUN. We're adults with jobs, school, military careers, families... We take being a drama free guild seriously. We have: active forums, a facebook page, guild events, achievement/mount runs, PvP groups, liberal guild bank policy, fair loot systems for raids and an atmosphere for fun.

Undying Resolution
Recruiting Ranged DPS (fire mage, warlock preferred), healers
More information Undying Resolution of Elune-US is an Alliance based 25-man hardcore oriented guild on a lightweight raid schedule. We are seeking a 2-3 more ranged DPS, fire mages and warlocks preferred, and another healer as we continue heroic 25-man Dragon Soul (Currently 1/8 HM). All members and applicants are required to raid Wed/Thur from 8P-11P EST with optional Sun/Wed 8P-11P EST raids. All applicants must be 18+. Apply at our website or speak to Ranico, Zweibel, or Lissanna in-game.

WoWing It Up
More information We are a brand new guild on the Suramar - US server; Alliance side.. The guild was formed a few weeks ago as a place for the new characters we created for a Child's Play charity stream. After talking to everyone involved in the stream we decided we would like to keep the guild going and use it for future events, which we are planning to do every 4 months or so. We also want to grow membership and make it a community for like minded people as well. We plan to run guild events during streams, and run internal events for charity as well. At the moment the intended focus is a casual guild with intentions to run dungeons with support for altaholics. PVP and raiding will be supported if membership allows for it as well.

Writers Guild of Azeroth
More information We have 2 brand spanking new guilds on Wyrmrest Accord, one for Alliance and one for Horde, but they're not your usual guilds. These guilds - for Alliance and for Horde - are more like an online writers' group than traditional guilds. Our website gives members a place to share their stories, as well as to discuss WoW and writing in general. We have Mumble, a guild bank, and all the other essentials. You can check us out at or email the GM at

Yingyang Eagles
More information Yingyang Eagles (Argent Dawn-EU) are a seven-year old guild with one focus in mind: Need Before Greed. We take pride in providing both a friendly social environment for levelling, PvP, dungeons/heroics and progressing with our raid team. We welcome all friendly applicants, but we're especially looking for more caster DPS and healers for both Dragon Soul progression and alt runs. Sanity optional.

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