Mass Effect 3 face import bug will be fixed in next patch

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Did you encounter an error when trying to import your Commander Shepard into Mass Effect 3? Did you spend hours trying to recreate him or her, only to reach the conclusion that he/she just don't look right? There is hope, friend, as BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly has revealed that the face import problem will be fixed in the next Mass Effect 3 patch. Unfortunately, the release date for said patch is still up in the air, as it still has to undergo certification at EA, Microsoft and Sony.

The error arises for players who attempt to import faces from Mass Effect 2 that were previously imported from the original Mass Effect -- a sensitive issue given that these players are probably pretty attached to their Shepards by now. Rest assured, we'll be keeping track of the patch's progress. In the meantime, maybe it's finally time to finish that Mass Effect 2 Renegade run you've been putting off.
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