Microsoft moves logistics center out of Germany, blames Motorola patent battle

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|04.02.12

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It may be a mere thorn in the foot of a giant like Microsoft, but the ongoing H.264 licensing dispute with Motorola is clearly starting to sting. German news outlet CIO reports that Redmond has shifted part of its European logistics operation from Germany to the Netherlands, affecting around 50 jobs at a contractor called Arvato. Although it might seem like a minor shuffle, CIO reports that Microsoft explicitly blames Motorola's patent litigation for the decision, saying it was otherwise happy with Arvato's services in warehousing Windows and Xbox 360 titles. If this represents the start of a new trend, those tasty Euros being earned by Mannheim lawyers could potentially be cancelled out by losses elsewhere in the German economy.

[Ausgang photo via Shutterstock]
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