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Shazam 5.0 update identifies audio in a split second, helps tortoise hands become the hare

Shazam 5.0 update identifies audio in a split second, helps tortoise hands become the hare
Joseph Volpe
Joseph Volpe|@jrvolpe|April 3, 2012 2:41 PM
Fits of inspiration are usually inopportune -- like when you realized eight years too late that it might've been wise to invest in Google. The same goes for that panicked impulse that strikes somewhere between rocking out to the last dregs of a song as it spills out of the radio and the time it takes for you to locate your phone, unlock it and launch Shazam. Well, for those of you slow on the draw, the company's making its music identification service a whole lot quicker. Now, iPhone and iPod touch users can track down artist info from music or TV in a literal second, courtesy of a software refresh. It's all part of a 5.0 update, available now, for the outfit's trio of apps -- Free, Encore and (RED) -- that also adds a new UI, the ability to comment on tags via social networks, as well as additional language support for South American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. So the next time you hear a track you swear was your jam in the mid-90's, you'll know in a heartbeat precisely which Dishwalla album to download and secretly cherish. Remember them? Official PR after the break.
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Shazam Launches World's Fastest Content Recognition for iPhone and iPod touch Devices

Music and television content can be tagged in as little as one second

London – 3 April 2012 - Shazam®, the world's leading media discovery company, today announces the launch of Shazam 5.0 – a major update to the Shazam Free, Encore and (RED) Apps on iPhone and iPod touch devices – making Shazam the world's fastest content identification and discovery experience for music, television and media advertising. With this new update now available for downloading, content such as music and Shazam-enabled television shows and advertising can be identified in as little as one second, making it even faster for people to discover, explore and share more of the music, shows and brands they love.

"We are committed to continually enhancing the Shazam App to ensure we deliver an industry-leading experience," said Alex Musil, EVP Product for Shazam. "With the release of Shazam 5.0 for iPhone and iPod touch, Shazam fans will be able to get the information they're looking for almost instantaneously, giving them lightning-fast access to content and a deeper experience surrounding the song, TV show or TV advertisement they have just tagged. Shazam delivers the fastest and most exciting way to discover, explore, purchase and share music, access more content about television shows, and get more information and even buy products and services from the world's leading brands."

Shazam delivers what industry experts and people describe as a magical experience when people use the app to identify a song. In as little as one second, Shazam returns the name of the artist, song and album as well as other great features like LyricPlay™ that shows the lyrics in time with the music, links to buy the music, music videos, tour info, album reviews, other popular songs from that artist and more.

The update also includes a newly designed user interface, and improvements to sharing on social networks, including sharing content on Twitter and Facebook with a personal note or comment, right from every tag result. Shazam 5.0 also adds additional language support, including Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Spanish for South America, bringing languages supported by Shazam to 33 total worldwide.

All versions of Shazam for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch come with unlimited tagging, giving fans more opportunities to engage with music and television content.

For people who don't yet have the Shazam App, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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