WWDC 2012 is sold out

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WWDC 2012 is sold out

And your time to purchase tickets for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 is...over. (Bad news for devs in Hawaii.)

We first got word that tickets went on sale about 8:30 ET. By 10:30 ET Apple had updated the WWDC page to announce the sell-out.

We say "Enjoy the conference" to everyone who was lucky enough to get a golden ticket! And if you missed out for any reason, here's hoping that Apple posts the WWDC videos on iTunes in short order after the conference.

Did you snag a ticket? Or did you miss the boat? Drop a note in our comments and let us know.

Update: Some student devs are reporting that the WWDC scholarship form is being hammered. We believe the scholarship lottery does not operate under the same constraint as normal sales, so you may want to try your application again later.

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