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Contour's new mount, watersports kits help bring its cameras with you in the water, snow or dirt

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Contour's new mount, watersports kits help bring its cameras with you in the water, snow or dirt

As Contour continues to do battle with GoPro over the action-sport POV camera market, its latest offensive centers around prepackaged activity-specific mount kits that should make it easier for customers to pick one up and go. Also new is an all-in-one ContourRoam watersports kit that includes the HD camera and waterproof case that's capable of keeping it dry at depths of up to 60m. The mount kits include sets for skiers, cyclists, motorcyclists, hikers and an all purpose helmet mount kit. All of these are available starting today on the company's website and at select retailers, with the mount kits going for between $59 - $99 and the Roam Watersports kit for $249. We appreciated the Contour+'s sleek package in our head to head test with the Hero 2 last month and the addition of these packages should help it compete on price and ease of use right out of the box. The specific details are in the press release after the break and pictures of each set are in the gallery below, assuming your hobbies are exciting enough to merit recording, of course.

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Innovative Mount Kits and New ROAM Watersports Kit Makes it Easy to Capture Rich Video - From Anywhere

SEATTLE, WASH. – May 1, 2012 – Contour, Inc. (www.contour.com), the company that makes it easy to capture and share epic moments with hands free HD video cameras, apps and accessories, today announces five new activity-specific mount kits. Each kit is designed to integrate seamlessly with Contour's award-winning cameras, and provides everything required for capturing beautiful HD action video for snow, bike, motorsports, outdoor or almost any other adventure.

Additionally, the ContourROAM Watersports Kit, also available today, offers a complete solution for watersports aficionados.

"Getting the best shot as it happens is our top priority," says Marc Barros, CEO. "Creating an integrated system of cameras and mounts allows unlimited creativity, and enables people to use our cameras to capture rich, HD video wherever or whenever they happen to be. It doesn't matter if you're dropping into your first wave, free-climbing Half Dome or grinding a rail, our ecosystem of high-quality products provides a simple, complete experience from capture to share."

The activity-based mounts highlight the company's emphasis on product design. The mounts are easier to buy (just select your activity and pick the appropriate kit); they also offer an almost unlimited variety of filming options, from helmets, surfboards, kayaks, snowboards, ski poles, bikes, motorcycles, cars, or virtually any outdoor activity.

Limitless Solutions for Capturing Rich, HD Video
Snow Mounts – The perfect combination for capturing all the action on the snow, the Contour Snow Mounts includes two easy-to-use helmet mounts, a goggle strap mount, and the recently launched pole mount that allows users to mount their ContourROAM or Contour+ to any standard ski pole (11-18 mm diameter) for recording winter adventures. The Snow Mounts and all other mount kits also include a compact, weatherproof carry bag. For sample action footage using Snow Mounts, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-snow-mounts

Bike Mounts – For cyclists on skinny or fat tires, Contour Bike Mounts provide a variety of mount combinations. Two helmet mounts can be attached to either a vented or full-face helmet. A bar mount can be strapped to handlebars (15-33 mm diameter) and a flex strap mount lets cyclists attach their camera to a seat post, chain stay or any round or irregular bar. For sample action footage using Bike Mounts, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-bike-mounts

Moto Mounts – Designed for all motorsports professionals and enthusiasts, this combination includes a suction cup mount for windshields or the flex strap mount on roll bars, handle bars or any other round or irregular shape. The profile mount is designed to be a low profile option and the adjustable rotating flat surface mount helps drivers get the perfect angle at any speed. For sample action footage using Motorsports Mounts, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-motor-sports-mounts

Outdoor Mounts – Designed for true outdoors adventurers whether it's fishing, climbing or trekking, this all-around mounts combination enables users to attach their camera to their head or baseball cap. People can also use the flex strap mount to affix their camera on any type of pole. For sample action footage using Outdoor Mounts, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-outdoor-mounts

Helmet Mounts – Made for all helmet types, whether it's a hard shell, vented or full-face, this combination of mounts supports motorcross, downhill, snow, skate or climbing activities. An extra 3M adhesive pack is included to allow easy change of mounting positions or helmets. For sample action footage using Helmet Mounts, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-helmet-mounts

ROAM Watersports Kit – An all-in-one package that contains everything needed to capture beautiful HD action video while doing water-based sports such as wake boarding, surfing, paddling, scuba diving, etc. The kit includes the easy-to-use ContourROAM, a fully adjustable surfboard mount and the ContourROAM waterproof case which enables you to dive down to 60 meters. For sample action footage using the ROAM Watersports Kit, visit: http://contour.com/stories/contour-watersports-mounts

Pricing and Availability
Available today from Contour.com and select retailers, the kits are priced at $79.99 for Snow Mounts, $79.99 for Bike Mounts, $99.99 for Moto Mounts, $59.99 for Outdoor Mounts and $59.99 for Helmet Mounts. The ROAM Watersports Kit is also available at Contour.com for $249.99. Products are also available at major sports retailers including REI and backcountry.com; and consumer electronics retailers, including Amazon.com and crutchfield.com.

About Contour
Seattle-based Contour makes it easy for people to capture and share life's epic moments. With award-winning, hands-free HD video cameras, apps and accessories; active people, athletes and professional filmmakers can outfit themselves with easy-to-use solutions for creating, broadcasting and sharing engaging videos. The company has become synonymous with hands-free, POV cameras and social video tools, topping charts for RED Dot's design award, Forbes' list of America's Most Promising Companies, the INC. 500 list and CNET's Editor's Choice award. For more information, visit www.contour.com

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