GameStop holding first public 'EXPO' event two days before PAX Prime

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GameStop holding first public 'EXPO' event two days before PAX Prime
We can't think of many places we'd rather visit during the dog days of summer than San Antonio, Texas. Being a savvy games retailer, GameStop acted on that ubiquitous desire this morning in its announcement of the GameStop Consumer "EXPO," taking place on August 29 in San Antonio.

The event will coincide with GameStop's annual manager meeting, except this time folks who have a PowerUp Rewards card and a spare $35 can also get in (if you have enough PowerUp Rewards points, there's another option). What's that? You'd rather pay more for people to glare in anger as you're whisked past them to play the game they're in line for? A $100 "VIP" option also exists, which nets you "four in-depth sessions with some of the biggest names in gaming, access to VIP-only lines and entrance to the VIP gaming lounge."

And yes, it's on August 29, just two days before PAX Prime kicks off in Seattle.
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