Apple looking to build data center in Reno

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Apple looking to build data center in Reno

All of Apple's iCloud initiatives need data centers -- big ones -- and the company has announced plans to build a new facility near Sparks, Nevada, just a short toss of a poker chip east of Reno.

That's not all Apple is planning to do in Northern Nevada. There are also plans to build a business and purchasing center in downtown Reno, part of a total US$1 billion investment over the next ten years.

As with most big job-producing deals of this kind, Apple is hoping to get $89 million in tax breaks from the city, county, and state to sweeten the pot. It's estimated that the economic impact of the projects will be a jackpot for the region -- $343 million from the 41 full-time jobs and 200 contract employees at the data center, and another $103 million from the construction required for facilities. In addition, the local and state governments are going to collect about $16 million in tax revenue from Apple.

The deal needs the approval of the local governments today in order to proceed, but it's expected that all the players will chip in with their agreement.

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