Engadget Mobile Podcast 144 - 07.01.2012

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|07.02.12

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Engadget Mobile Podcast 144 - 07.01.2012

Would you believe us if we told you there was nothing special to talk about this week? We know you wouldn't, o ye faithful Engadget Mobile Devotee, and you'd also know that we have so much to talk about this week that we slide past the two-hour mark in this, the first Engadget Mobile Podcast of the crazy post-I/O era. If you would believe us, then well! have we got some good stories for you. Gather 'round the glowing orb and plug in.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)

00:03:30 - Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 revealed by Google, rolling out in mid-July
00:05:54 - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review: a look at what's changed in Google's mobile OS
00:46:20 - Google cuts the price of the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ to $349, adds Jelly Bean
00:47:20 - Inside Google's amazing Accessory Development Kit demo hardware (video)
00:48:15 - Visualized: Kinetisphere takes Nexus Q into another dimension at Google I/O 2012 (video)
00:49:05 - Nexus 7 review: the best $200 tablet you can buy
01:03:25 - Nexus Q social streaming device hands-on
01:17:50 - Google unveils $1,500 Project Glass Explorer Edition, takes pre-orders for 2013 only at Google I/O
01:23:30 - Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile review
01:27:35 - Sprint's 4G LTE coming to five markets July 15th
01:28:08 - Sony Xperia Ion review: an Android handset with a split personality
01:30:00 - Nokia 808 PureView review: the future of mobile imaging, wrapped in the smartphone past
01:45:33 - RIM announces Q1 earnings: $518 million net loss, 5,000 job cuts, BB10 not due until Q1 2013
01:51:30 - T-Mobile US CEO Philipp Humm resigns, Jim Alling takes over as interim CEO
01:51:45 - T-Mobile USA's former CEO Phillipp Humm to become chief executive at Vodafone on October 1st
01:52:48 - Apple lands preliminary ban against Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US (update: search patent the key)
01:55:45 - Google puts Chrome on iPhone and iPad (update 2: it's out!)
01:57:27 - LG Optimus L7 review: a beautiful, entry-level Android 4.0 smartphone with LG's new UI 3.0

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