Nexus S 4G regains AOSP status, Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners left hanging

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It wasn't just Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners who were hurt when Google dropped Android Open Source Project support for CDMA models -- officially, Nexus S 4G users had to depend on carrier-approved builds as well. At least one of those software dramas is coming to a close, as AOSP Technical Lead Jean-Baptiste Queru has just confirmed that the Nexus S 4G once again has a full AOSP build. Problems surrounding the phone have been sorted out to give it full CDMA voice and WiMAX-based 4G data while keeping true to Google's original, easily modifiable vision. The download is available right away for the Nexus S 4G faithful, but Queru has dashed any immediate hopes of this being the prelude to its Galaxy Nexus counterpart; the camera, GPS and NFC currently wouldn't work on Verizon's model, even if the cellular components checked out.

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