Face.com kills developer APIs and Klik app three weeks after Facebook acquisition

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A ripple went through Face.com's developer community three weeks ago when the company was acquired by Facebook. After all, what earthly reason would the social network have for continuing third-party developer support of the product? None, as it turns out -- API support for the firm's mug recognition software will be dropped in early August, and its iPhone app, Klik, is now gone from the App Store. Despite recent assurances to the contrary (pictured above) Face.com pulled the plug in order to devote its resources to Zuckerberg and Co., according to an email it sent to developers. Naturally, the sudden reversal has inflamed that group, with prominent members tweeting language like "boycotting" and "months of work wasted." There's a sliver of hope, however, for forlorn developers -- at least one member of the community says he's been granted an API extension through October. In the meantime, developers will likely be venting -- and won't even be able to track that rollercoaster of emotions anymore.

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