Hori's Dead or Alive 5 arcade stick is for fighters

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Hori's Dead or Alive 5 arcade stick is for fighters
Hori producing Dead or Alive 5 fight stick
If you watched EVO streams over the weekend, chances are you walked away with a sudden and intense desire to play King of Fighters XIII. Hori's newest arcade stick ... is themed after a totally different game, but would totally work for KOF or really any fighting game. It would work great, of course, for the game it actually represents.

Hori is producing a Dead or Alive 5 stick using the same casing as its Soulcalibur 5 stick, due alongside the game in September. It's available for both PS3 and Xbox, and features the "I'm a Fighter" slogan, which should be helpful in case you glance down at the device and happen to forget what you're supposed to be doing.
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