Nexus 7 pre-orders ship to some customers -- has yours?

Nexus 7 preorders ship to some customers  has yours

It could be a trickle or a torrent, but reports are coming in that Google is shipping the first Nexus 7 pre-orders to those customers who pulled the trigger at the Google Play Store while the I/O keynote seats were still warm. Third-party retailers Adorama and Ebuyer also briefly started selling the Jelly Bean tablet, although they're now known to have jumped the gun: both were told by Google to freeze sales until at least Sunday. The word of an imminent arrival is no doubt music to the ears of those who thought that even the three-week wait was interminable. Still, we'd like to know whether yours is truly on its way or if that $199, ASUS-made Android dream will have to wait a little longer.