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iHome's iP76 3-foot tall LED Color Changing Speaker Tower dock now available

iHome's iP76 3-foot tall LED Color Changing Speaker Tower dock now available
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien|@TerrenceOBrien|July 19, 2012 1:41 PM

All music should be accompanied by a light show. And, if said light show comes in the form of a three-foot tall self-contained iPod dock, all the better. iHome's iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower is not just a catchy name any more, it's now a product you can actually purchase for $199. The unnecessarily tall iDevice dock is loaded with color changing LEDs that pulse, fade and blink in coordination with your tunes and you can even connect other media sources via Bluetooth. You can pick up the GlowTunes dock now direct from iHome or at unnamed "retailers nationwide." Check out the PR and video after the break.

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Wireless Audio Lightshow Dazzles the Eyes and Ears

RAHWAY, N.J., July 19, 2012 – Combining music and lighting into a single tower of sound, iHome, a leading supplier of innovative iPad, iPhone and iPod speaker solutions, today released a new speaker tower, the iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower with Bluetooth technology. The three-foot high décor-enhancing showpiece packs a colorful punch with 16 multi-color LED clusters that create exciting light effects while delivering smooth sounds with four high performance speakers, and an untethered audio experience via the latest in Bluetooth technology.

"With its unique design and color-changing capabilities, the iP76 is both a visual and audio delight that is as much fun to look at as it is to listen to," said Evan Stein, Director of Marketing, iHome. "Most importantly, the speaker tower produces vibrant audio for your listening pleasure."

The iP76 LED Color Changing Tower Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System livens up any room with vibrant colors and streaming music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The unit charges iPhones and iPods when they are docked, and can even send video content from your device to your television via the built-in component video outputs. Customize your experience with your favorite colors as an array of effects such as color fade, pulse to music and strobe make for the ultimate light show.

The iP76 is available now at retailers nationwide and on www.ihomeaudio.com for $199.99. For detailed product information, please visit https://www.ihomeaudio.com/iP76WZ/.

About iHome
iHome was established in 2005 as a division of SDI Technologies to develop and market iPod compatible audio products. The first iHome product introduced, the iPod Clock Radio, was an exceptional success that became the top-selling iPod accessory for the year, and firmly established iHome as the premier brand in the iPod electronics market. Since then, iHome continues to be the #1 brand in iPod/iPhone/iPad clock radio and speaker systems according to NPD data and has been at the forefront of design with a growing lineup of award-winning iPod-compatible audio products that includes alarm clocks, clock radios, portable and home speaker systems, and headphones., as well as new licensed lines of computer accessories and New Balance sport/fitness headphones.