Microsoft seals Perceptive Pixel deal, welcomes PPI team to the Office Division

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In case you haven't noticed, Microsoft's been in a blissful shopping mood lately -- and while we already knew the company had snatched up the creator of that enormous 82-inch touchscreen, today's the day a more formal introduction is taking place. Via its Official Microsoft Blog, the Redmond-based outfit is suitably welcoming the Perceptive Pixel team aboard the Office Division, also announcing that PPI's Founder, Jeff Han, will be joining as a "general manager" and reporting to Kurt DelBene. Naturally, we're still wondering what exactly the acquisition will bring to the table, but if Perceptive Pixel's previous doings are any indication of what's to come, we can expect some more delightful novelties to come out of Microsoft's HQ in the hopefully-not-so-distant future.

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