DSLR gets dollop of Raspberry Pi for future home-baked camera accessories

DSLR gets dollop of Raspberry Pi for future homebaked camera accessories

We love a tasty mélange of gadgets, and that's just what photographer / hacker David Hunt has served up with a Raspberry Pi board inserted into his DSLR's battery grip. He used the handle for power, while exposing the Pi's USB, network and video ports for easy on-camera access, and so far he's managed to transmit images via WiFi and ethernet. But the Raspbian Linux OS opens up a world of potential DIY accessories, like wireless tethered shooting (with the addition of a WiFi dongle), cheap USB instant backup, storage, remote control from anywhere in the world and an intervalometer for timelapse photography. That's just for starters -- with the credit card sized board now in so many hands, the permutations are endless.