Is the Nokia Lumia 920 coming with 8-megapixel FauxView? (Update: Nokia's Imaging Head weighs in)

Is the Nokia Lumia 920 arriving with 8megapixel PureView, Wireless Charging and 32GB storage

Yes, we want PureView technology in at least one of Nokia's forthcoming Lumias. But let's be specific: it needs to be that same type of PureView that helps the 808 to take such amazing images, with something at least similar to that 41-megapixel sensor. That's why it's slightly perturbing to hear The Verge's suggestion from "sources familiar with the matter" that the Lumia 920 will ship with a paltry 8-megapixel version of PureView, which doesn't sound like it could deliver the same noise reduction or lossless zoom or other powers. With the expected announcement just two days distant, let's hope it ain't so.

Update: Damian Dinning, Imaging Experience Manager at Nokia, has decided to get into the debate, while trying to steer around any secrets locked down for later this week. In a series of tweets, he says that PureView itself is about "blending optics, pixels and image processing in new and different ways," hinting at the high-end Carl Zeiss lens and the built-in image processing algorithms that are part of the 808 PureView's camera package. He adds: "it's not about the number of pixels but what you do with them" suggesting that a Lumia PureView could arrive without those awesome oversampling skills, but packing a similar set of optical and software features.