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Motorola launches 10 new set-top boxes at IBC 2012

Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
September 7, 2012

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Motorola may have held a fancy event for the launch of its 2012 RAZR line up, but it's saved the unveiling of its new raft of set-top boxes for the IBC show floor. No fewer than 10 models running Moto's KreaTV OS are on display at the event, possibly putting a dampener on rumors of Google selling the business off. Four of the set-tops are earmarked for IPTV services, with the different options accounting for variations in storage capacity and processing power. An additional four bear the Microsoft Mediaroom branding, and are distinguished by their differences in HDD capacity, wireless performance and feature set. Two cable boxes round out the selection, offering cost-effective simplicity and DVR capability, respectively. If you'd like more info on the ins and outs of each model, check out the PR below for the family newsletter.

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New Motorola Mobility Set-Tops Power the Evolution of TV

Motorola Showcases New IP and cable set top technology @ IBC2012 - Hall 1, Booth D31

Sept. 07, 2012

AMSTERDAM – IBC 2012 – Sept 7, 2012 – Motorola Mobility extends its leadership in IP and cable set-tops today, with the launch of ten new models designed to give service providers in EMEA smarter, more energy-efficient options for delivering new entertainment experiences – including entertainment everywhere (multi-screen support), over the top (OTT), time-shift TV, gaming and more.

"Motorola pioneered the shift to IP in TV, and we continue to drive its evolution with our new line of set-tops," said Keith Kelley, vice president, home devices, Motorola Mobility."This range of products gives service providers more options for delivering the advanced entertainment services that consumers crave, while reducing total cost of ownership and energy consumption."

IPTV set-tops

New IPTV set-tops build on the global success of the KreaTV application platform, an open system that ensures flexibility in deployment as well as smooth systems integration. Each supports high-quality IPTV services such as HD broadcast, time shift, on-demand, OTT, and interactive applications.

VIP1103 & VIP1113 – Compact, cost-effective

· Motorola's smallest and most stylish IPTV client ever

· Diminutive, energy-efficient design

· RF remote control (VIP1113) allows hidden installation, such as behind the TV

· Ideal for hospitality OTT, multi-room, or entry level IPTV deployments

· Optional SD card reader (VIP1113) for time-shifting and other applications.

VIP2853 – DVR expandability

· Small form factor for flexibility of placement

· User installable disk / memory module allows subscribers to expand to DVR and time-shift capabilities

· Optional display and touch-keys.

VIP2952 – Robust processing power

· 3000DMIPS processor, 512/1024MB of memory and a 3D graphics engine

· Support for gaming, advanced interactive applications and advanced browser options

· User installable disk / memory module for DVR expandability.

Microsoft® Mediaroom® set-tops

The new range of Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV set-tops offers choice to the service provider, with new SoC (System on a Chip) and wireless options, providing whole-house coverage while lowering the cost of installation. No Ethernet data cables to connect, no holes to drill.

VIP1801 & VIP1861 – Ultra low power set-tops

· The latest compact Microsoft Mediaroom set-top boxes with next generation highly-integrated, secure, high-performance SoC

· Non DVR model (VIP1801) and DVR model (VIP1861) with 320 or 500GB HDD

· Optional touch-key capabilities and four-digit numeric LED display

VIP2502W – Microsoft Mediaroom set-top with wireless capability

The set-top no longer needs to be wired to the broadband router. It delivers easier installation, location flexibility with no unsightly cables for the consumer. When paired with the VAP2400 Wireless Video Bridge it delivers superior wireless performance over traditional Wi-Fi set-tops. Integrating Wi-Fi into the set-top reduces inventory, reduces cost and makes installation easier.

· 4x4 MIMO with beam-forming in 5GHz

· Next generation highly-integrated, secure, high-performance SoC

· MotoPLYR sophisticated diagnostic and test utility

VIP2102 – Next-generation HD IP video experiences

· Motorola's premier Microsoft Mediaroom set-top, with a powerful processor for a seamless multi-room, multi-device experience

· The VIP2100 Series support the advanced, interactive IP video applications your subscribers want, from Electronic Program Guides (EPG) to advanced digital TV functionality like Video On-demand (VOD), multiple picture-in-picture capabilities, and time-shifted TV

· MotoPLYR sophisticated diagnostic and test utility.

Cable set-tops

HMC3021 – Cost-effective HD cable zapper set-top

· User-friendly Miracle HD user interface

· Optional Ethernet port for basic hybrid functions

VIP2853C – Hybrid cable set-top with DVR

· Small high-definition DVB-C/IP hybrid set-top box

· Dual DVB-C tuners

· Smartcard reader

· User installable disk / memory module for DVR expandability


Motorola is also presenting its ultimate open operating system for IP set-tops at IBC this year – Motorola KreaTV™, with support for the new IPTV and Cable set-tops.

KreaTV is a flexible, open operating system used by over 100 operators worldwide. Its hardware abstraction layer simplifies integration with specific hardware, making it easier to upgrade to new hardware in the future. Motorola's approach to reducing time to deployment of new features has driven the popularity of KreaTV amongst IPTV software developers and the KreaTV ecosystem is a key contributor to Motorola's leadership position in the global IPTV set-top market.

Some of the new features available in KreaTV 4.4 (launched earlier this year) include Web browsing, as well as HTTP live streaming, including support for Motorola's SecureMedia HLS+ content encryption, enabling service providers to expand their footprint with over-the-top (OTT) services. This allows the same hardware to be used in an IPTV as well as OTT environment.

The innovative and feature-rich new set -tops are being demonstrated at IBC on Motorola's stand in Hall 1, D31 from 6th – 11th September 2012.

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