Virgin Media begins pushing its UK broadband to 120Mbps, much to Usain's delight

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Virgin Media begins pushing its UK broadband to 120Mbps, much to Usain's delight

If you're one of Virgin Media's top-tier internet customers, you may soon see your service getting a little speedier. The Branson-backed company is boosting its top speed from 100Mbps to 120Mbps, thanks to a £110 million ($169 million) infrastructure investment. The majority of the network -- around 60 percent -- has yet to be supercharged, but you can use the coverage checker linked below to see if you're in-line for an early Christmas present from Sir Richard.

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Virgin Media begins 120Mb broadband boost

100Mb boosted to 120Mb to create new top tier service
40 per cent of Virgin Media's network now upgraded for 'Double Your Speeds'

As part of its 'Double Your Speeds' programme launched earlier this year, Virgin Media has now started to boost the speeds of its 100Mb customers to 120Mb. The new 120Mb tier continues to push the boundaries of broadband speeds available in the UK and will ensure Virgin Media broadband customers continue to receive some of the fastest speeds in Europe.

Virgin Media has upgraded 40 percent of its network for faster speeds as part of its broadband enhancement programme, giving customers extra bandwidth to take advantage of the latest entertainment services as well as making it easier for multiple users to get online at the same time. Virgin Media's broadband service now offers speeds of 30Mb, 60Mb and up to 100Mb/120Mb, making it the only next-generation ISP in the UK with superfast speeds as standard. The Double Your Speeds programme is due to complete around mid-2013.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: "Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in broadband in the UK over the last decade and our 120Mb service continues to ensure that our consumers across the country get the very best that today's technology offers."

For more information on Virgin Media's Double Speeds programme and for a schedule of upgrades, head to

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