Dell unveils Inspiron 15z Ultrabook with optional touchscreen, prices start at $750

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Dell unveils Inspiron 15z Ultrabook with optional touchscreen, prices start at $750

In case Dell's convertible XPS 12 is too expensive (or weird-looking) for your tastes, the company's got a more traditional sort of Ultrabook on tap. The company just announced the Inspiron 15z, a 15-inch notebook with an optional touchscreen. As you can see in our hands-on shots below, it's essentially the same plastic-and-metal design as earlier Inspiron Ultrabooks, though that touchscreen is of course new. At "less than an inch thick" it's still chunkier than your typical ultraportable, but if you insist on having a DVD burner, this could be a tempting choice. Plus, at 4.12 pounds, it's reasonably light for a machine with this large a footprint.

It's already up for sale on Dell's site, starting at $750 with a Core i3 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive paired with a 32GB SSD. Touch-enabled versions start at $900. So far as we can tell, the memory and hard drive stay pretty consistent as you move up in configurations, though you can opt for a Core i5 or i7 CPU. The highest-end confg also steps up from integrated graphics to a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT630M GPU. Curious? We've got hands-on pics below, with more details at the source link.

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