Windows Phone 8 handset UK availability and pricing detailed: free starting from £21 per month

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Windows Phone 8 handset UK availability and pricing detailed: free starting from £21 per month

We've heard how Windows Phone 8 is all about you, and seen all the devices bearing the new OS at launch. What's left, however, is where you can get one on the other side of the pond and, more importantly, how much it's going to cost you. Nokia has separately announced that both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will be launching in the UK (and France) later this week. More specifically, though, it looks like every UK carrier will be getting at least three handsets, with the almost-ready-to-launch EE getting both of HTC and Nokia's handset pairs. We've got all the (current) pricing details and availability dates after the break.%Gallery-169573%

EE: The UK's first 4G network will be getting the whole family of Nokia and HTC phones on November 9th. The Lumia 920 will start at £49 while the 820 will start from free, and it's similar with the 8X and 8S, starting from £29 and free, respectively. Contracts will all begin at £36 per month for all except the 8S, which is slightly cheaper at £20.50.

O2: The bubble-friendly carrier is getting a very similar line-up, but replaces the Lumia 920 with Samsung's Ativ S. All phones will be free on contract apart for the 8X, which will cost £29 on top of monthly payments. Contracts start at £36 per month for everything but the 8S, which is £21.50 on the basic plan. There's no specific date for when these will become available, but it'll be sometime in November.

Three: If you like your data, you'll only get the choice of the HTC pair. There's no word on the 8S plans or prices just yet, but the 8X will set you back £30 right off the bat, with a minimum contract of £29 per month. No specific date here either, but you've probably guessed the range by now -- sometime in November.

Vodafone: This carrier either wasn't prepared for the event today, or hasn't figured out all the minor details just yet, because there's no solid pricing or dates available. All we know is that the HTC pair and Nokia's Lumia 820 will be landing at some point in the future.

Phones4u: It may cover all the major networks, but the pricing is slightly different. It will be getting all the phones we've mentioned previously, with nothing to lay down up-front apart from £19.99 for the Lumia 920. Unfortunately, they make up for it by charging a minimum of £46 per month for Nokia's new flagship. The other contracts start at £36 for the Samsung Ativ S, £31 for the Lumia 820 and 8X, and £20.50 for the 8S.

Carphone Warehouse: Just like Vodafone, the heads at the Carphone Warehouse hasn't put pen to paper on how much these new devices will set you back. No pricing or dates are available, but the same line-up (Lumia 820, 8X and 8S) will be coming soon.

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