Texas Instruments confirms color TI-84+ calculator is on track for a spring 2013 release

Texas Instruments confirms color TI84 calculator is on track for a spring 2013 release

You've seen the recent rumors of a TI-84 calculator with a color screen, and now Tech Powered Math has gotten the official word from Texas Instruments that such a device is indeed coming, finally bringing the popular line of calculators out of the monochrome age. As those earlier reports have suggested, however, you'll have to wait until sometime in the spring of next year to get you hands on one, and pricing has yet to be confirmed -- the site says the MSRP "could" be in the neighborhood of $150, though. Apparently, one reason for the lack of specificity with a release date is that the apps from the older calculators aren't compatible with the new TI-84+ C, so Texas Instruments has been focusing on rewriting the most popular ones in time for the calculator's release, with an eye towards releasing more over the course of the summer. TI assured the site that the new model is "not replacing anything," though, and adds that it has no plans to discontinue the standard TI-84+ or the TI-84+ Silver Edition. Those interested can find plenty more details on the calculator and TI's plans at the source link below.