Anduin Wrynn broke my heart

Dawn Moore
D. Moore|11.15.12

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Anduin Wrynn broke my heart
Anduin Wrynn broke my heart
"That was a close one! I can't believe you stood your ground against so many at once."

Oh, well, it was nothing really.

"You really have a way with people, Dawn. They fear and respect you."

You think so? I mean, I do try to be -- respectable, that is. You don't think I'm too intimidating though, do you? You really have to be firm with some of these people, you know, or else they don't take you seriously. Still, I've been thinking if I wore my hair down I might look less fierce. What do you think?

"Dawn, you did it. It looks like they're fleeing."

Of course they are. No one's going to mess with a two priest team! Say, if you're not busy after this, I know this great little place in Old Town. Maybe we could get something to eat before we head back to the castle?

Anduin Wrynn. You were gentle, but tenacious ... Also patient, and so wise for your years. You were nothing like I thought you'd be -- nothing like your father. Except for maybe your force of will. Yes, you definitely got that from your father.

When we first met I thought we'd become fast friends. I can't deny you were personable, but it was your earnestness that really struck me. The night after our meeting I remember feeling a hope that I hadn't felt in years. With you, Anduin, I knew the Alliance had a future.

At least, that's what I thought. When I found you again in the Jade Forest, you seemed oddly cold and distant. Still, you were my prince, and I did what I could to aid you.

"Thank you, priest. We have granted him a little more time, at least."

"Priest?" I stood there, momentarily frozen in shock. Had you just called me "priest?" I glanced down at the injured pandaren, Ren, and quickly shrugged it off ... Surely your intent was to remain stately in front of this stranger.

The next time I saw you, I'd just dragged myself half way across the Krasarang Wilds. Drenched in muddy river water and covered in mosquito bites, I was in a foul mood, but seeing you made me feel better at once. That was, until you did it again.

"Thank you, priest. I knew you'd be hardy enough to handle it."

This time something snapped inside me. Priest? Priest?! What happened to being on a first name basis? Did you forget all those times I protected you in Stormwind? Did it mean nothing to you that I searched all over the Jade Forest for you? What happened to you?! Who are you?!

That's what I wanted to say. I wanted to grab you by your scrawny shoulders and shake you, but I didn't ... I couldn't. So instead I focused on the task at hand, saying little as we battled the Sha and freed the red crane, Chi-Ji. When we were done, I took my leave quickly and never looked back.

As I journeyed north I cursed your name, your title, and your stupid, perfect hair. You were just being nice that first time we met, weren't you? Or diplomatic, maybe? How could I have been so foolish? Anduin Wrynn, Anduin Wrynn ... More like Anduin Jerk-face!

I may have cried a little.

Fortunately, I've always found melting faces to be very therapeutic when I'm upset. After saving a few provincial villages from mantid, saurok and yaungol, I felt like a new priest. I even found myself whistling while I rounded up yaks in the foothills of Kun-Lai Summit. Never again would I let my heart be stolen by another pretty face.

"Pull up a chair, Dawn. I could use the company."

You know, I never noticed before, but Admiral Taylor has really nice hair.

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