NC State University's WiFox could improve public WiFi performance by up to 700 percent

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If you've ever swallowed your pride and bit the bullet on hotel WiFi, you've probably felt the sluggish pull of other users dragging down your connection speed. Coffee shops, airports and other heavily impacted public hotspots can slow to a crawl as they try to mete out data to dozens of users sharing a single channel. All hope is not lost, however -- a team at NC State University are about to release a paper detailing a technology that could bolster WiFi data throughput performance by up to 700 percent. The team is calling their technology WiFox, and it's already made their local test network four times faster, on average. WiFox keeps track of the amount of traffic gumming up a WiFi channel and actively assigns priority access to avoid a traffic jam of data requests. Fixing sluggish hotspots should be a snap, too -- Student and lead author Arpit Gupta says WiFox could be "packaged as a software update that can be incorporated into existing WiFi networks." The full paper will be presented at ACM CoNext next month in Nice, France. Can't wait? Feel free to click on the source and ogle the paper's abstract.

[Image credit: Charleston's TheDigitel, Flickr]

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