Algoriddim's vjay gets remixed for iPhone, mobile movies meet the mash-up (video)

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Algoriddim's vjay gets remixed for iPhone, mobile movies meet the mash-up (video)

When it comes to holding the party down on an iPad or iPhone, djay by Algoriddim's been a front-runner ever since it came out. Then came vjay for video spinning iPad owners. Now, that video follow-up is ready for the main arena, as it's just been release for iPhone / iPod touch. Now you can mash-up your favorite videos right on your phone, add soundtracks to your existing clips, and throw down some effects for good measure. If you kinda dig what you create, you can -- of course -- share it with the world, or throw it up on the big screen. Not sure your cat clips will cut the mustard? Worry not, as there's purpose-made bundled content thrown in with the deal. And at just $0.99, it won't hurt the pocket it was built for, either.

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Mix, scratch and bring your videos and music to life with Algoriddim's new vjay™ app for iPhone 5

LONDON, UK - November 15, 2012 – In a slick back-to-back move, Algoriddim is following up its blockbuster djay app with an iPhone version of its highly-acclaimed video mixing app vjay, which promises to bring personal video mashups to the masses. Anyone with an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or even the new iPod touch can now mix videos, add a soundtrack to footage from the iPhone video library, or simply add some snazzy looking special effects to videos shot with the iPhone's built in camera.

vjay for iPhone also integrates directly into the iTunes Store so users can browse, search, preview, and purchase their favorite music videos and easily remix them using stunning transitions as a new and engaging way to experience their favorite artist's music videos.

Those who feel brave enough to showcase their personal mashups to a wider audience will benefit from the integrated social share buttons to instantly and directly post the results of their work on Facebook or YouTube. Even for those users without a huge collection, the new vjay directly integrates with iPhone's video-recording element in the camera app, includes pre-bundled video content from electro-pop superstars Far East Movement, video artist Eclectic Method, DJ & MC master J-Live, and many other clips and loops so fans can sample and add their favorite beats and begin mixing music and video content right away.

Ultra-portable yet powerful and packed with features the new vjay for edition takes full advantage of the phone's widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) and replicates the wow factor of the existing iPad version on a palm-sized scale thanks to a dynamic user interface that automatically adapts to portrait and landscape orientation.

Hooking up the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wirelessly via Apple TV or to a high-definition TV by using an HDMI adapter means vjay for iPhone mixes can easily be beamed onto the big screen for friends and family to marvel at. Meanwhile, full iOS 6 compatibility enables budding VJs to preview sound and cue up tracks seamlessly while mixing up a storm.

Hidden behind the polished design of the app is a collection of features to mix videos, a raft of audiovisual effects and performance tools features , and VJing staples such as beat and tempo detection, wave form display and 3-band equalizer to blend songs and videos seamlessly together and create unique mixes.

Users of the iPad app are in for a treat too as a reloaded version, free for existing users) not only mirrors the impressive feature set of the iPhone edition but also now comes with several new features including multiple cue-points, the sharing capabilities, and a new full portrait mode to support the Numark iDJ Pro MIDI controller to give it a professional edge.

Pricing and availability:
vjay for iPhone is available for download from the App Store for $0.99 / £0.69
vjay for iPad is available for download from the App Store for $9.99 / £6.99
The app is free for existing users.

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