Solidoodle 3 goes up for pre-orders with 512 cubic inches of 3D printing prowess

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Solidoodle 3 goes up for pre-orders with 512 cubic inches of 3D printing prowess

The potential for home 3D printing has regularly been limited by size; even MakerBot's Replicator 2 can only go so far in matching our ambitions. Solidoodle sees that deficit as a chance to make its name in a still very young industry. Its new Solidoodle 3 printer covers an extra two inches in every dimension than the Solidoodle 2, doubling the printable area to an extra-large 512 cubic inches. The 8-inch by 8-inch by 8-inch space isn't as long as what's inside the MakerBot challenger, but it's larger overall and improves on Solidoodle-built ancestors with a newer spool that cuts back on tangles in the plastic filament. Should any projects be too big for existing 3D printers' britches, the Solidoodle 3 is up for pre-order today at a size-appropriate $799. Do brace for a long wait, however: at 8-10 weeks before shipping, the company doesn't expect any deliveries until January.

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Solidoodle Introduces New 3D Printer With Largest Build Area In Its Class

Brooklyn, N.Y. - November 16, 2012 - Solidoodle, the leader in affordable 3D printers,
announces the Solidoodle 3 - 3D printer, providing one of the largest build areas in the
consumer 3D printer class. With printable dimensions of 8" x 8" x 8" (512 in ) - more than twice the volume of the Solidoodle 2 (216 in ) - users will be able to print large objects with up to .1mm in layer resolution. Priced at $799, this latest addition keeps with Solidoodle's commitment to providing consumers with high-quality, plug-n-play 3D printers. The new printer is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in January 2013.

"I'm absolutely ecstatic about the success we've seen this year," says Solidoodle CEO Sam
Cervantes. "By offering the Solidoodle 3, we will be able to help satisfy a need for an even
larger-format 3D printer while keeping with our focus on affordability and usability."

Growing Demand

With burgeoning growth in the 3D printer market and a need for an affordable, high-quality
option, Solidoodle's ability to deliver on value has propelled its own rapid growth. Within its initial year of operations, the company has grown to over 60 employees and has delivered over 1,200 printers. With the announcement of its latest model, Solidoodle expects to see a recordbreaking 2013.

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Solidoodle 3 goes up for pre-orders with 512 cubic inches of 3D printing prowess