Time Warner CEO hopes Apple builds a television

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Time Warner CEO hopes Apple builds a television

Time Warner CEO hopes Apple builds a televisionIf Apple ever decides to actually sell a branded HDTV, there's at least one person who will be waiting in line to buy one the first day -- Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes.

At the Business Insider IGNITION conference yesterday, Bewkes commented that he thinks "Apple is a great device company." Bewkes believes that Apple can do with televisions what they've done with other device categories -- create differentiation.

He believes that Apple can solve one of the biggest issues with television right now, that of trying to navigate through hundreds of cable channels. Cable companies, and the current suppliers of set top boxes, still haven't found a consistently simple way for subscribers to make sense of the boggling choice of channels, shows and time-shifting through DVRs.

Bewkes is a realist, though -- he believes that other companies will enter the space along with Apple and that we'll see "as many interfaces as you can get."

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