Footage of Ruffian's Streets of Rage leaks out

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Footage of Ruffian's Streets of Rage leaks out

Video has surfaced of what is reportedly a downloadable Streets of Rage remake from Crackdown series developer Ruffian Games. Uploaded to Vimeo by one "Huff Allium," the footage shows off some familiar, rage-filled streets, now rendered in 3D.

It's not clear whether this is actual gameplay footage or something pre-rendered. Either way, it looks significantly different from the Streets of Rage that Sega fans remember, ditching the cartoonish style favored by later Streets of Rage games for something grittier. No rollerblading kids, robot grandpas or boxing kangaroos here.

Sean Noonan, former level designer for Ruffian (now working on Watch Dogs for Ubisoft), mentioned the footage on Twitter, writing, "So it seems like one of my previous projects has leaked, as pretty as I remember."

Just over a year ago, it was rumored that Ruffian was developing a multiplatform game, referred to as "a major contract with one of the biggest publishers in the industry." Recreating one of Sega's most well-remembered franchises would certainly fit the description, and the publisher hasn't been shy about resurrecting its old franchises in recent months. We've contacted Ruffian to confirm the project's existence, and to learn whether or not it's still in the works.
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