Logitech intros two Mac accessories: the Easy-Switch Keyboard and an external trackpad

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Logitech intros two Mac accessories: the Easy-Switch Keyboard and an external trackpad

After unveiling a handful of accessories designed for Windows 8, it's clear Logitech had some catching up to do on the Mac side. The company just announced two things, the Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard and the Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, and they're both more or less Apple-friendly versions of items that were announced for Windows back in October. Starting with the keyboard, it's basically the same as the Illuminated Bluetooth K810 keyboard, in that you can pair it with up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices and switch from one to the other by pressing a button. As the name suggests, it's also backlit, with sensors that turn on the lights when your hands are hovering, and lower the brightness when backlighting isn't necessary. The truth is, the K810 does all of this too and can pair with devices running any OS; it just has Windows 8-specific hotkeys, which you wouldn't need if you were a Mac user.

Moving on, the external touchpad is a Magic TrackPad competitor if ever we saw one, with support for all the multi-finger gestures you're used to making in OS X. Unlike the Magic Trackpad, though, it recharges over USB, whereas the Magic Trackpad runs on AAs. The keyboard and touchpad will be available in the US and Europe starting in January, with the keyboard priced at $100 and the trackpad retailing for $70, about the same price as the Magic Trackpad.

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