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Far Cry 3's 'Insane Edition' contains the best bobblehead, exclusive to Europe


It's official: Europe is getting the coolest version of Far Cry 3, replete with the amazing bobblehead seen in the trailer above. Is that star of stage and screen Michael Mando with a goatee and hula skirt? Sure is!

Beyond the facsimile of Mando, buyers of the so-called "Insane Edition" get "exclusive survival kit packaging" (a cloth book), an "essential island survival guide," and "access to all unlockable content" (which includes the in-game content that pre-orders get in the US). Considering the "Insane Edition" is just £15 more than the standard "Lost Expeditions Edition" at £49.85 (at least in the UK – we're waiting on EU pricing), we're thinking it's worth the dough. Perhaps you haven't looked hard enough at that bobblehead? Really explore that space.

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