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Remember Me's unforgotten past with Sony is just water under the bridge


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Dontnod and Capcom's collaboration on Remember Me is a relatively recent occurrence. The two came together in the last year, following a falling out between Dontnod and Sony in February 2011. Remember Me (formerly Adrift) was originally headed exclusively to Sony's consoles, it seems, given a publishing arrangement that the two companies worked out in February 2010.

"The Sony deal was signed February 2010 and ended a year later. We were totally independent, and had no publisher, but we were looking for one," Dontnod creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris told Joystiq in an interview this morning. So, what went wrong?

"I won't go into too many details, but basically they cancelled a bunch of projects, and we were just one of them," Moris said. "It felt bad at the time. And now, in retrospect, it's just one step toward where we are now."

Moris added that he's "very happy" to be working with Capcom today, and that Remember Me is a good fit for "the Capcom DNA." And as for what went down with Sony? "It's just the way things went."

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