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BioWare GM outlines new Mass Effect, original game after upheaval


Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton and Montreal, doesn't want fans to worry about passion or creativity within the studio following the retirement of BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk.

"I know this might be concerning for some of you but the leaders at BioWare have had some time to think about it – to think about how the games, the fans, and the creative teams would move on without the two guys who started this organization back in 1995," Flynn writes.

He outlines the projects coming from BioWare, noting yesterday's reveal of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, which has executive producer Mark Darrah at the helm.

Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect series, has plans for another full game within the Mass Effect universe. The next piece of DLC for Mass Effect 3 is Omega, due out in the fall.

Hudson is also creating a brand new game, Flynn says: "While Casey continues to oversee the development of our new Mass Effect project, he and his leads are putting together their vision for an all new game set in a fictional universe, built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology."

Flynn closes the roundup with a nod to Muzyka and Zeschuk, and to BioWare as a resilient brand. "Ray and Greg built BioWare to last. They've always known their retirement would come one day, so they developed a team of people who would ensure their standards and culture would endure. We'll humbly carry that torch and continue learning in the process.

"To the Doctors: I wish you the very best, and we will always honor your legacy. The games we develop will always share your unique creativity and steadfast integrity."

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