HTC's Peter Chou: poor marketing held us back in 2012, but the worst has probably passed

HTC's CEO we didn't spend enough on marketing in 2012, but the worst has probably passed

Peter Chou has gone on the record with the Wall Street Journal blaming his company's rough financial performance last year on insufficient marketing. Speaking about HTC's competitors, and presumably about Samsung in particular, he described them as "too strong and very resourceful, pouring lots of money into marketing." He was candid about the fact that, relatively speaking, he doesn't have a great deal of cash at hand to counter rival publicity, but instead puts his faith in having more "unique products" -- possibly referring to phones like the 1080p Droid DNA. Overall, he said that "the worst for HTC has probably passed" and that 2013 will be "not too bad." Which is about as cautious as optimism can get.