Hands-on with the new Samsung Series 7 Chronos at CES (video)

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|01.07.13

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Hands-on with the new Samsung Series 7 Chronos at CES (video)

We walked away from the Samsung press conference with more than just a liveblog brimming with new announcements -- we got our hands on two of the company's new laptops, as well. First up was the refreshed Series 7 Chronos, which as you may know features a slimmer design and an optional touchscreen.

Seeing it in person definitely makes it easy to understand why this is one of Sammy's most premium machines; the brushed-metal chassis is elegant in addition to being incredibly svelte. Remember, the Chronos is a powerhouse machine -- it's primed for more than just light gaming, with a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 3635QM CPU and an AMD Radeon HD 8870M GPU -- so its 21mm silhouette is impressive. To get the machine that svelte, though, Samsung had to drop the optical drive, which may upset a few diehards out there. Finally, one spec we can't wait to test out: a rated 11 hours of battery life. Alas, info on pricing and availability is still an enigma. But enough talk -- watch Michael Abary, Samsung's senior VP of consumer IT product marketing, walk us through the system past the break.

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