iHeartRadio coming to Chrysler and GM autos, iHeartAuto for aftermarket devices launches

Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.07.13

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Billy Steele
January 7, 2013 8:00 AM
iHeartRadio coming to Chrysler and GM autos, iHeartAuto for aftermarket devices launches

iHeartRadio isn't limiting its CES announcements to mobile and PC wares. The internet streaming service is heading to Chrysler Uconnect and 2014 GM infotainment systems. Soon, the company's library of 1,500 channels will be available in-dash with mobile app compatibility for further fine-tuning with Chrysler's Uconnect Access software on Android and iOS handsets. In addition to the manufacturer news, iHeartRadio has also teamed up with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment to bring the iHeartAuto app for aftermarket vehicle gadgets. This software will allow standardized tools for devs and easy implementation for manufacturers. As of today, support for Clarion Smart Access, Pioneer's AppRadio platform and Kenwood's DNN990HD receiver is now available. For a bit more info on both of the happenings, take a look at the full PR that resides below.

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iHeartRadio Expands Its Reach Across The Automotive Industry With Integrations in Chrysler Group and General Motors Vehicles

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Also Unveils "iHeartRadio for Auto" Application Enabling Seamless Access for Aftermarket
Auto Entertainment Products

Las Vegas, N.V. – January 7, 2013 – Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, which has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America, today announced iHeartRadio's expansion across the automotive industry with its integrations in Chrysler Group and General Motors (GM) vehicles and a new made-for-driving application "iHeartRadio for Auto" (iHeartAuto) which will enable seamless and standardized access to the iHeartRadio digital music platform. iHeartAuto launches today with support for select aftermarket auto entertainment products.

Beginning this year, iHeartRadio will be featured in GM's new app catalog - available in select 2014 GM infotainment systems. GM drivers will have access to a native and easy-to-use iHeartRadio experience directly from their dashboards giving them the ability to personalize their listening experience by searching for both broadcast and Custom Stations and by using iHeartRadio's exclusive Discovery Tuner to control how much variety they want in their music. With more than 15 million songs and over 1,500 radio stations, iHeartRadio features more music backed by better programming than any other service available.

iHeartRadio will also be available in-dash on select Chrysler Group vehicles equipped with Uconnect Access Via Mobile, the company's suite of sensible connectivity features. Once a user connects their compatible Apple or Android smartphone with the Chrysler Uconnect Access App, drivers can control and personalize their iHeartRadio listening experience directly through the dashboard touch screen, allowing easy access for in-vehicle enjoyment of iHeartRadio.

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment today also announced iHeartRadio for Auto, an application that will offer a simple, safety-minded user-interface designed to provide seamless access to iHeartRadio's more than 1,500 live radio stations from across the country while in-vehicle. The new iHeartAuto app will also allow users to create Custom Stations inspired by their favorite artists or songs and provide easy in-vehicle access to a variety of other iHeartRadio features including its thumbs up/thumbs down and station scan features. iHeartAuto launched today with support for Clarion Smart Access cloud server products, Pioneer AppRadio devices and Kenwood's connected receiver DNN990HD. The new app will also offer a new developer protocol that provides manufacturers a standardized, easy-to-implement means to connect to the iHeartRadio platform.

"Our integrations with Chrysler Group and GM vehicles along with the availability of the new iHeartAuto app make it easier for users to access their favorite iHeartRadio stations no matter where they travel," said Brian Lakamp, President of Digital, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. "iHeartAuto is an exciting application that enables new partnerships and more importantly, simplifies access to iHeartRadio in a way that is designed to minimize driver distraction while giving our listeners easy access to their favorite stations through a consistent and seamless experience."

iHeartRadio is the fastest digital service to reach 20 million registered users in internet history, faster than all other popular digital entertainment and social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify and Instagram. And registered users are only a percentage of iHeartRadio's overall listeners, since registration is only required for the Custom Station feature.

iHeartRadio continues to be the No. 1 digital radio service offering instant access to more than 1,500 of the nation's most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from more than 150 cities, plus user-created Custom Stations inspired by favorite artists and songs. In addition to Clear Channel's 850 radio stations, iHeartRadio also includes a number of other groups such as Univision, Cumulus, Greater Media stations, WNYC, EMF's Contemporary Christian Air1 and K Love stations, college radio, Cox, Emmis and others. The iHeartRadio app is available across all major platforms including web, mobile, tablets, automotive, television and gaming devices. Visit iHeartRadio.com for the complete list of app availability.

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