Panasonic Powerlive Max retro boombox hands-on

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Panasonic Powerlive Max retro boombox hands-on

Panasonic Powerlive Max retro boombox handson

Panasonic had this creature plonked front and center in its booth and all the sound and light whipped us into a 80s boombox throwback frenzy that could not be denied. First and foremost, Panasonic informed us this isn't currently targeted at the US market -- but we suppose if enough of you pop by the booth and crank it to 11 they may reconsider. Specs were a bit thin but we do know it's made up of thousands of blue lights, oversized knobs and the speaker cabinet contains four speakers powered by three separate amps -- the bottom speaker being a huge 15" "Ultra Super Woofer." Power specs were touted as having 23,800W (PMPO) and 2160W (RMS) but numbers aside it is seriously loud. We cranked it a bit and found it really base heavy but just as Party Rockers Anthem was building up during our volume test security rolled up and ruined the whole affair. Again, no details on pricing or launch but it did make us all grin, big stupid "did you hear how friggin' loud that was?" grins. Gallery after the break. %Gallery-175372%

James Trew contributed to this report

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