Plex shows off cloudSync, its new online digital movie locker, we go hands-on

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Daniel Cooper
January 9th, 2013
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Plex shows off cloudSync, its new online digital movie locker, we go hands-on

Plex is developing an online content locker system that would enable users to watch videos on the road without the need to have a server left on at home. Plex cloudSync will work by hooking up to a storage service like Dropbox, letting you stream video anywhere you go without having to pull it from your domestic setup. Naturally, the digital locker would retain all of the Plex features you know and love, including using PlexSync to flag content that you want automatically formatted and saved on your mobile device. The company isn't in a position to launch the service just yet, but we got to see an early build in action here at CES.

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Preparing cloudSync requires a few clicks to authorize access to your online storage account -- and while Dropbox is the only current choice, it's hoped more will join before launch. When complete, all you need to do is select a film and what quality you'd like to see it uploaded in before picking your cloudSync account from the list of available devices. The software will then start transcoding and uploading your media ready for whenever you're craving a Breaking Bad hit. You can also queue up folders of movies, TV shows, music or photos that can also be added to the cloud while you're working on other things.

Pulling the material down at the other end simply requires you to select the cloud option from the list, with metadata being supplied by MyPlex to keep your listing consistent. Videos can then be streamed down to any device that can run the Plex app. Pull it up on a Roku, for instance, and it'll begin streaming as soon as your internet connection will allow. Plex hopes to have cloudSync ready to go by the end of the month, and around the same time hopes to add PlexSync to its Android client. The company has also teased a few cool features that will hopefully see the light of day over the next few months, but isn't prepared to announce just yet -- but already 2013 is looking like a banner year for Plex.

Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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