Google spends $2 billion on property in London and SC, says it's good to have land

Google spending $2 billion on property in London and South Carolina, declares that it's good to have land

If you're ever curious about how much land you can get for your buck on either side of the pond, just check out Google's real estate accounts. It's spending $600 million on adding a third complex to its sprawling Berkeley County site that'll help the company process search queries and "other information." While $600 million can get you around 500-acres of Palmetto State, it takes two-and-a-half times as much to get a paltry 2.4-acres in London's Kings Cross. The $1.6 billion investment is going towards a new headquarters building that'll pull together its employees from across the big city and, let's hope, set aside some space for a British version of its X Lab -- after all, you can't be a mad scientist without a cool accent.