The Queue: 5,000,000g challenge to Zarhym and Bashiok

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Adam Holisky
February 7, 2013 12:00 PM
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The Queue: 5,000,000g challenge to Zarhym and Bashiok
The Queue 5,000,000g challenge to Zarhym and Bashiok
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I wanted to throw out a challenge to Bashiok and Zarhym.

I'll donate 5,000,000g to the Alliance charity of their choice if they can prove their father was not a Sha.

Zarhym's got the whole floating skull thing going on, and Bashiok's old green-tinted tree is back. It's pretty clear to me that they've got some Sha-ness.

Prove me wrong. The ball's in your court, fellas.

Eric asked:

Does anyone have a clue if a Windows Phone Remote Armory/Auction House is in the works?

I wouldn't be surprised if we see it one day, but I doubt it's high on Blizzard's priority list. Windows Phones are just not that big of a market. I'd rather see them make an iPhone Pet Battles app.

Please make an iPhone Pet Battles app.

Jemjem asked:

Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere, does anyone know if the raid bosses in MSV/HoF/ToES will still give VP when killed after 5.2? Sometimes they change them to only give JP, and I was wondering if that will be the case this time.

Right now the patch 5.0 bosses are giving Valor Points. I'd be surprised if the switch to Justice, because the patch 5.0 Valor Point items are not switching to Justice Points. People are going to need a way to earn them to gear up, and the best way to do that is by running old raids.

Silver asked:

I noticed in the VP -> JP article posted a little while after this queue that we would be able to purchase Pet Battle stones with JP in 5.2. Are these rare quality stones, or will it still just be uncommon quality?

You can already purchase a pet battle stone for 1,000 Justice Points that will upgrade any pet to uncommon quality. There's no indication that the stone used to upgrade a pet to a rare quality will be available via Justice or Valor Points.

Neuromante asked:

Do you think we could be able to buy special pets from the store sometime in the future? I'm talking about the Mini Diablo for instance, or the Zergling, that came on larger packs no longer available. Could there be a chance they'd sell them separately?

I highly doubt that those super rare and special pets will ever be available via the Blizzard Store. Those pets represent a sort of veteran reward for players, and it doesn't make much sense that Blizzard would devalue them by opening up the flood gates. People also pay a lot (we're talking hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) for unused fully packaged versions of WoW in order to get those pets. It's not a huge economy, but if you've got an unopened Vanilla WoW box, put it up on eBay and fund your next vacation.

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The Queue: 5,000,000g challenge to Zarhym and Bashiok