Tokyoflash Kisai OTO watch reacts to sound, combines time read-out with graphic equalizer (video)

Working with a concept sent in from a German fan, Tokyoflash's latest watch design bakes in a sound sensor which reacts to ambient noise through an on-wrist graphic equalizer. Naturally, the Kisai OTO also a packs time read-out, splitting hours, minutes and seconds (read vertically) across two lines. Above and below that, you'll find the flickering equalizer, although anyone that finds it a little too distracting during the day can switch them off. You can even go completely the other way and nix the watch display for party hours. There's still the requisite alarm and date settings and you can pick from blue, green red or amber light-up displays. All color options are all paired with a black anodized aluminum strap, while the watch can be charged through USB. It's available to order now, with an introductory two-day sale price of $99 -- and in case you were wondering, OTO means sound in Japanese. Which makes sense.