Chrome OS update auto-arranges windows, allows multi-display desktops

Acer C7 Chromebook

Chrome OS being a web-based platform doesn't preclude the existence of power users -- see the Chromebook Pixel. Google wants to encourage them with software, too, which is why it's rolling out a new update to the stable Chrome OS code. The new version automatically positions windows to show more whenever a user hasn't customized the look, and there's now official support for extending a desktop across multiple screens. Other additions are subtler: copy protection is a bigger deal with both an HTML5 decryption module and support for Encrypted Media Extensions, and exacting users can both re-order the app launcher as well as set tap-to-drag as a preference. The refresh is pushing out over the next few days to all devices save for Samsung Chromebooks. It's not the first time a Chrome OS update has glossed over Samsung portables, but everyone else should enjoy the extra screen real estate.