W3C to explore a proposal bringing DRM hooks to HTML

The web is defined by the free, open exchange of information, right? Not necessarily. The W3C has decided that it's "in scope" for its HTML Working Group to explore a specification for the Encrypted Media Extensions framework, which would allow companies to plug in their own copy protection for web content. In other words, the effort would add support for DRM extensions to the web itself, rather than leave it to content plugins like Flash. The W3C's Philippe Le Hegaret is careful to note that this isn't an explicit endorsement of EME as it's suggested, or even the call for consensus on the proposal -- there are already concerns that the spec would lead to an abundance of DRM plugins that wouldn't work in certain browsers or operating systems. However, there's a chance it may become reality when EME's backers include content hosts or producers like the BBC, Google, Microsoft and Netflix.