MeteoEarth is a high-end weather app for iPad with a catch

MeteoEarth is a US$4.99 weather app with enough visual treats to makes your iPad's screen look like something from a TV weathercast. In fact, much of the display tech in the app was adopted from professional weather applications.

The app offers high-resolution animated graphics of precipitation, temperature, wind, cloud cover and isobars that show barometric pressure.

You can add each item as a layer on the screen, and set up your favorite cities. In addition, the map shows what parts of the globe are in daytime or nighttime, moon phases and country borders. You can also create custom set ups and save them for later viewing. Zooming is done with common gestures.


I spent some time using the app and found it powerful, but I have a few complaints. First, it could use a help function though, because its many powerful features aren't immediately intuitive. Also, MeteoEarth provides a one-day forecast, but access to long-range forecast information requires a subscription, which is available via in-app purchase. Three months is available for $1.99 and a year is $5.99. Frankly, I think those extra charges are ludicrous. The app is not overpriced, but having to buy the extended weather forecast strikes me as over the top. There are lots of free weather apps that give you an extended forecast. To not have it in a paid app is, in my view, just plain wrong.

MeteoEarth is an advanced, slick weather app. It is iPad-only at this point, and requires iOS 6 or later. I would put it in the top echelon of weather apps if it wasn't for the stingy forecast info and lack of any help screens. If you are satisfied with real-time displays of worldwide weather conditions, MeteoEarth is first-rate. I would also suggest weather mavens take a look at WeatherHD which is $0.99 and Windscape, which will give you beautiful animated views of wind flow for $0.99.