LG Optimus F7 debuts in Korea as Optimus LTE III

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LG Optimus F7 debuts in Korea as Optimus LTE III

LG Optimus F7 debuts in Korea as Optimus LTE III

After being teased, leaked and eventually revealed at Mobile World Congress, LG's Optimus F7 is finally ready for consumption -- at least in South Korea. Adopting the moniker of Optimus LTE III, the recently renamed handset boasts a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a 2,540mAh battery. If that's not enough, the handset's 4.7-inch display flaunts the same pixel counting "True HD IPS" display technology as its predecessor. LG seems to be positioning the LTE III as a transition device, promising feature phone users a user-friendly "easy mode" to help them through the growing pains of entering the smartphone world. No word on international availability, but LG fans with a flair for the mid-range can read the (machine translated) announcement for themselves after the break. Read Korean? Check out the rightmost source link.

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LG-SK Telecom, ' Optimus LTE ? ' released

SK Telecom-only release

Optimus inherited the power, efficiency, and stability of the LTE II
Battery capacity 2, 540mAh ...4-inch vs. Smartphone of the nation's largest
True HD IPS display brightness, low-power, outdoor visibility, color accuracy and success

2 GB of RAM for large capacity

A personality and a practical UX dagger mounted
Easy T ' mode ': everyone can use a Smartphone users easy and convenient environment
My own icons 3.0 ': feel free to directly convert the icon size, shape as picture
Q shopping ': first mobile exclusive check card issuers ...The best 70 5,000 coupon Pack offer
My phone conversation with my mobile phone's SMS von others ': main details
Q slide 2.0 ', ' boys ', ' monster theme ', indie band mounted on a specialized ringtones etc

High-quality minimalist design heritage handed down
The reflection pattern in the rear ' multi ', ' hair line pattern ' effect
There are six colors in the home key of the bottom ? LED applies unconventional imageable

LG Electronics and SK Telecom enjoys the fast pace of the first LTE consumers for ' Optimus LTE 08 release.

LG Electronics and SK Telecom ' Optimus LTE I I I ' offers optimal performance and benefits, but the customer's responsibility to lower priced mid-60 million shipped.

Optimus Optimus Prime in ' ? LTE LTE II the succession development, reliability and efficiency of practical UX daggers.

LG MC business General Manager Park Jong-Seok, Vice President of "' Optimus LTE LTE technology patents in the world ' 1 ? add stability and efficient product", saying that "customers who are new to LTE is fast, comfortable, and will be enjoyed properly LTE," he stressed.

Optimus inherited the power, efficiency, and stability of the LTE II

Optimus LTE ? ' ample 2 GB RAM (RAM). Even if you use multiple applications at the same time, large-capacity RAM and system stability.

Capacity of the battery is the nation's largest Center for a 4-inch Smartphone is 2, 540mAh. True HD IPS display with brightness, low-power, as well as the color accuracy, strength, visibility outdoors. IPS based on the white of the UI is a UI for easy viewing than black, power consumption is also less.

A personality and a practical UX dagger mounted

'Optimus' sensitive to the trend of personality ? LTE attaches great importance to the consumer as well as the Smartphone is the first choice for users to hear UX evenly.

LG LTE smartphones in an existing feature phone users can easily adapt the first SK Telecom's ' easy mode ' to ' T Optimus LTE I I I '. Convenient user experience ' easy mode ' type of the feature phone T-pad Smartphone features such as showing on the screen, use the phones to analog sensitivity. ' T have power-saving features work when using ' simple mode using battery grows longer.

'My own icons 3.0' is directly taken photos or images using the icon can be freely converted to the size and shape of the feature. ' Picture punch ' feature allows you to cut certain parts of the image looks the way you want to create an icon, it's also possible to adjust the size.

Q shopping (QShopping) ' is a Smartphone if you enjoy shopping as very useful. From price comparison, as well as provides up to 7% discount, cash receipts and payment history is automatically managed spend management services offers up smart.

In particular, ' Optimus LTE ? ' mobile exclusive check card can be used domestically first Smartphone. If you have a bank account but the mobile is an exclusive check card a plastic card holds regardless of whether the Smartphone makes it easy to get a virtual payment card. ' Optimus LTE ? through ' one SK card from ' Q ' mobile shopping check card issued within the promotion period allows 3 million of cash valued at 70 million premium coupon packs, the encyclopedia benefits.(For more information, see the card's homepage or SK SKT one distributor)

Optimus LTE customers is limited to the first 1,000 subscribers to the world T shop (www.tworldshop.co.kr) at a discount of the prices available in the advanced Bluetooth T coupons, and SNS events ' Optimus LTE ? ' and Petit con.

'My phone conversation' Optimus LTE if you go out with in house ' ?, others mobile phones via SMS to my phone's main information, the ability to identify them. Pre-selected Smartphone SMS username and password sent to my phone's location, contacts search, check missed calls, as well as an unidentified characters make possible.

On one screen, you can launch two more pop up, adjust the transparency, as far as possible 'Q slide 2.0', Q ' are available for everyday conversations, lyrical voice ', the ' engaging personality desktop monster theme ', the voice of the indie band with specialized valves, as well as the sound and the ease and fun of Muzak and more.

High-quality minimalist design of the heritage handed down

Optimus LTE luxury minimalist represented by LG but had inherited the differentiated design of the heritage. The white color of the back is a luxury ' multi reflection patterns '. Depending on the angle of light down the materiality with the sleek glitter pattern works in three dimensions. Indigo black rear panel apply the ' hairline pattern ' refinement.

At the bottom of the home keys, listening to the phone charge, depending on the status of smartphones, such as the alarm LED colors can turn to design six lively.

The LG 134g is the lightest weight of the implement, such as playing games or watching a movie for a long time, even with a bunch on the wrist holding your Smartphone does not care.

* ' Optimus Prime ' ? LTE specifications

Size 131.7 * 42.4 * 6.0 m m
Weight 134g
The color white (White) black/Indigo (Indigo Black)
* The ' Indigo black ' is due for release in March
Network LTE/HSPA +
Chipset 1.5 GHz Dual Core
Display 4.7 inch True HD IPS display (1280 * 720 pixels)
8-megapixel rear camera, 1.3 megapixel front
Battery 2, 540mAh
Memory 2 GB DDR2 RAM/8GB eMMC
+ External micro SD support (32GB)
Android OS 4.1 jelly bean
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
USB 2.0 Host
Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct
The mid $ 60 shipped

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