FTC report on mobile payments raises concerns about 'cramming' on carrier billing

The FTC held a workshop on mobile payments last year, and it's now followed that up with a full report that raises a few concerns and offers some recommendations for the industry. Those include the expected issues of privacy and security, which the FTC encourages companies to step up their efforts on, as well as the issue of billing disputes. On that latter front, the FTC draws attention to one problem in particular known as "cramming," in which companies or individuals place fraudulent charges on a user's cellphone bill. As the FTC notes in the report, "there are no federal statutory protections governing consumer disputes about fraudulent or unauthorized charges placed on mobile carrier bills," and it further adds in a blog post that "the way mobile carrier billing works makes this a challenging problem to solve." It goes on to outline some consumer protection measures it says all carriers should adopt, and notes that it will further address the issue at a roundtable on May 8th. You can find the full report at the source link.