Brother, can you spare a charge? ChargeBite goes indiegogo

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Brother, can you spare a charge? ChargeBite goes indiegogo

We've all been there. Out, carousing, maybe having too good a time, when suddenly it hits. Not in our wallet, no ... where it really counts. Our iPhone is wasted as we are. Its battery icon flickers with a hint of the red in our bloodshot eyes.

Surely no white night can end well with a phone that isn't working. So what do you do? Find an outlet and hope you've brought an adapter? That's so 2009 of you.

Instead, turn to a friend. With ChargeBite, you transform your phone from a meek and mild Xander into a merciless power-thirsty Vampire (before-he-got-boring) Spike. Just hook your iPhone to a couple of "volunteer" phones; it will begin to leech power from the donors, and soon (for variable levels of "soon"), you'll be able to call again.

The indiegogo site says that with two powered devices, your iPhone charges as fast as if it was attached to a USB port, or in about an hour or two.

We can only imagine the awkward conversations as you wait for your phone to charge while not one, but two "volunteers" impatiently sip their lattes and wonder if they'll ever get to work on time. There's also that embarrassing feeling when you leave fully charged up, knowing that both of those lovely people now have to find someone else to suck power from.

ChargeBite is the first "social" charger. Instead of bringing a small plug, ChargeBite truly allows you depend on the kindness and amperage of strangers. After all, sharing phones is gross, but sharing current, well, that's not quite as gross.

By the way, as of publication time ChargeBite has just 4 backers for a total of $80 ... but there are 47 days left in the campaign to get the $45,000 needed for it to go into production.

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