Facebook 6.0 for iOS available, Loren Brichter 'helping' at Facebook

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Facebook 6.0 for iOS available, Loren Brichter 'helping' at Facebook

Facebook Home isn't available for iPhone, but given its mixed reviews since launch that may be a blessing in disguise. However one of Home's features, chat heads, is now available for iOS' Facebook app with Version 6.0.

Chat heads is a riff on notifications. Instead of seeing a notification stating you've got a message, a circular picture of your friend's head appears. iOS chat heads only show up when you're using the Facebook app, unlike in Facebook Home when they show up no matter what you're doing. The update will also bring Stickers into the main Facebook app, along with an updated interface for iPad users to make it more along the lines of the recent desktop update.

Facebook recently picked up designer and developer Loren Brichter as part of its Facebook Home team. Brichter is best known for introducing Tweetie, an early Twitter client which introduced pull-to-refresh, and the clever, insanely addictive word game Letterpress.

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