Pioneer's Cyber Navi units crowdsource traffic photos, watch for crosswalks (video)

Pioneer Cyber Navi GPS crowdsources traffic photos, looks out for crosswalks

Pioneer's nicer Cyber Navi GPS units already revolve heavily around cameras that dish out augmented reality. That clearly wasn't enough for the company, though, as its new tilt-screen AVIC-VH0009 and fixed-screen AVIC-ZH0009 models wring even more value out of that front sensor. Their new Smart Loop feature automatically snaps photos at traffic hotspots that it shares with fellow drivers, giving them a crowdsourced glimpse of any trouble that lies ahead. Other upgrades don't depend quite so much on collective wisdom, however. The AR Scouter Mode is now smart enough to spot upcoming crosswalks, and the voice search lets drivers freely speak keywords rather than follow a strict syntax. Pioneer isn't divulging pricing ahead of the Cyber Navis' June release, but their Japan-focused location services hint that we won't see either navigator reach the US anytime soon. We can at least live vicariously through the (very detailed) video after the break.