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Review: Phonesuit's Flex Pocket Lightning Charger

Michael Grothaus
Michael Grothaus|@michaelgrothaus|May 13, 2013 10:00 AM

I use my iPhone 5 so much throughout the day that its battery is often nearly drained by 4 PM. That's why I'm constantly carrying around and trying out new external battery packs to keep my iPhone charged. The latest battery pack I've tried is the Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger. I've reviewed Phonesuit's products in the past (and the one I reviewed is now my external battery pack of choice), so I was excited to try out their new Lightning connector battery pack.

The Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger is slightly thicker and longer than two AA batteries in size, to give you an idea about how big it is. It fits easily into a jeans pocket but it's just a bit wider than my iPhone 5. When plugged into the phone, the Flex overruns the length of it on either end. Still, just given how small the Flex Pocket is in the first place, the fact that it's just slightly wider than the iPhone 5 can be forgiven -- especially considering when my iPhone is running out of battery, the last thing I care about is how good my battery pack looks.

Inside the Flex Pocket you'll find a 2,600 mAh battery that gives you iPhone an extra 125 percent charge. Externally, the Flex Pocket offers a built-in Lightning port and plugs directly into your iPhone 5. There are no cables to attach. When you plug the Flex Pocket into your iPhone, tap the electrostatic power button on the side to turn it on. To recharge your Flex Pocket, simply connect it to any computer via the included USB cable.

The Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger is US$69 in a choice of colors: metallic red, blue or black. It works on the iPhone 5, the fifth-generation iPod touch and the seventh-generation iPod nano.

Review: Phonesuit's Flex Pocket Lightning Charger